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I’m super happy to team up with you to pull off something that’s going to be absolutely incredible.

The Taking Control Of My Own Health Online Conference is a 5-day event that will empower patients to make decisions, change behaviors, and take the first steps towards the best quality of life possible.

On this page, you’ll find all kinds of resources meant to make your participation as an expert as easy as possible, and will answer most questions that you might have. If you run into a question I didn’t answer, email me at marilena@thelegaldrugdealer.com or ask over in the Facebook group.

As a speaker, you’ll also get free access to the VIP Healthy Access Pass!

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How it’ll all work

What I’ll need from you

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How it’ll all work

Let’s do a quick rundown of how the whole thing will work.

The event will run from September 14th – 18th (Monday – Friday), with 4-5 pre-recorded presentations running each day.

These presentations will include 30 – 45 minutes of content (with up to a 3-minute pitch), a worksheet that follows along with or complements the presentation, and a live chat.

While the presentations themselves are pre-recorded, all speakers are asked to attend their presentation time live, and after it is over to interact with attendees in the chatbox (which will resemble the timem], after a live conference where people go to meet the speaker, make comments, or ask questions). The chatbox does not have a video component, so attendance in PJ’s are accepted! ?

Along with the live presentations, there will be a Facebook group for attendees to hang out in, hold each other accountable, and ask all of us additional questions that they might have. If attendees have interesting questions while your presentation is going on, you’ll be able to go live in the Facebook group for a bit (with a video that we will record the day that we are recording the interview) of an encore to answer those questions, connect with the attendees, and provide even more value, without worrying about what you are saying and typing at the same time.

The additional Facebook live is not required. But I have the feeling that we will have a great time, and the attendees will love to get closer to you… And who knows, that might be the reason why they go and work with you after the online conference ends!!!

There will also be 5 Round Table Sessions for those that buy the VIP Healthy Access Pass & Premium Healthy Access Pack. Attendance as a speaker isn’t required, but of course, you’re more than welcome to join us! Since a relationship with the audience is part of the process to get them closer to you and easier for them to become your client.

Leading up to the online conference, we’ll have two weeks of promotion. You’ll be provided with email swipe copy, social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy! I’ll even have a suggested posting/sending schedule for you to make promo easy to outsource to a VA.

During the promotion phase, as the online conference is running, and for a week after the online conference is complete, we’ll also be promoting the VIP Healthy Access Pass. It includes an All-Access Pass for the replays, worksheets, access to the Facebook group, as well as, additional bonuses we’ll all throw-in. These bonuses will provide immense value to our attendees while doing the work of promoting and creating a presentation worthwhile by allowing you to bring in affiliate commissions. Woop!


What I’ll need from you

So, this all sounds great, buuuut what kind of work does it require of you???

Let’s chat about it!

My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible for you,  so we can all have a blast while providing awesome value to the attendees/patients, and of course, grow our businesses.

1. Basic Information

The first thing I’ll need is some very basic information from you so I can finish up our registration page and Expert’s page.

This information includes:

2. Presentation Schedule

I have organized the presentations in common topics, to englobed most of the resignations of the day. To see you day and other presentations days Click here

While your presentation will be pre-recorded, you’ll still be required to be in the chat live during your time slot to answer questions and connect with attendees. During this slot, once your presentation has had time to air, you’ll also be able to jump into the Facebook group for an encore and to answer any great questions that weren’t answered in your presentation. (These Facebook lives will also be added to the  VIP Healthy Access Pass!.

2. Presentation

Next up is your presentation! This is a 35-55 minute pre-recorded presentation that is meant to be more friendly and casual than perfect and structured. We want our attendees to learn something great while having fun in the process.

3. Worksheet

Along with each presentation will be a worksheet. There are a few reasons behind this:

The content of the worksheet should follow along with your presentation and encourage attendees to take action. You are more than welcome to include links and a call-to-action at the end.

As I said, this process is meant to be as easy as possible so you have a couple of options. You can either:

If you choose to go with option 1, your worksheet will be due along with your presentation on August 27th. If you choose options 2 or 3, your presentation is due on August 31th to give my team time to take care of it.

4. VIP Healthy Access Pass Contribution

The  VIP Healthy Access Pass will be a huge addition to the presentations we’re running. To make it even more valuable, I’ll ask each of you to provide one resource to add. This includes things like:

It’s totally up to you to decide whether you’d like to create something new or provide something you already have. While this isn’t required, it’s highly encouraged that you participate.

If you decide to participate, I will need the name of the bonus, a brief description of it, it’s full price (so I can show its value to the attendee) and an image for a mockup if you have it.

5. Premium Health Pack Access Contribution

Anyone who contributes with the Premium Healthy Access Pass resource (aka not something you’re giving away for free somewhere else) will get a 60% affiliate commission on sales, rather than 50%.

You are required to do this at all, but if you want to participate these are some examples of what I am looking for:

Information for these resources is due on August 31st

6. Promotion

The power of an online conference comes from a group of experts coming together for a single cause. The joint promotion that happens because of that is a huge benefit to everyone involved.

Because of that, everyone is encouraged to share on social media and to email their lists during the promotion period, starting on August 31st

You’ll want to share using your affiliate link (Click here to set it up) so you can get in on the 50% commission that will come from any VIP Healthy Access Pass sales OR 60% if you’ve contributed a Premium Healthy Access Pass.

You’ll find swipe copy and graphics in the Resource Vault below. (Coming very soon)

7. Live Participation

And last comes participation during the week of the event. Since we’ll already have done the work of creating the presentations and extra resources, we’ll be able to sit back and relax for the most part!

All I ask, is that you participate in the chat during your presentation slot and interact in the Attendee’s Facebook group throughout the week to help attendees stay excited and engaged.

While you are not required to attend the events of other speakers, it’s highly encouraged! We’ll be able to get some great discussions going about the topics being presented.

Affiliate Details

While online conferences are great for overall visibility and making new connections, a little extra income never hurts either, right?

That’s exactly why I’ve set up an affiliate program for the VIP Healthy Access Pass where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from the traffic you refer to the event. Payouts will be made by 10/23/2020.

The commission structure is as follows:

The pricing structure will be:

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, the Resource Vault (scroll down) includes things like email swipe copy, social media copy, and social share graphics.

However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and even run your own Facebook ads.

Just remember to use your affiliate link. Register and get your link here.

*** As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience. ***

Resource Vault

Because we know that you are busy and you need the stuff ready to publish by you or your VA, we created a series of images for your Facebook pages and groups, as well as Instagram accounts, including versions for stories on both platforms. These images are your presentation (s), group of speakers of the day, presentations of the day, round table participants per day, daily round table, among others.

We also created swipe copy to be used on your social media posts and/or newsletters. We created more that you really need, but we wanted to offer everything that you might need.

Please feel free to modify them as necessary for your audience or to match your style. Each one of them has a date, and some times,  that we would like you to publish them, as part of our marketing calendar.

We wrote instructions to modify the copy to include your own information, presentations and business name.

Please let me know if you find a mistake or something that needs to be changed.

Let Me Have Them!

Current Action Steps

Phew, that was a lot to cover! You’re awesome for making it this far 🙂

For the sake of clarity, here are your current action steps:

Remember to get things added to your calendar. Because if you’re like me, if it’s not in my calendar it doesn’t exist.

Important Dates

Here’s a roundup of our key dates:

Something I missed? Email me at marilena@thelegaldrugdealer.com or pop into the Facebook group!